Herta Müller : politics and aesthetics

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Corn for me is the socialist plant par excellence: it displays its colours, grows in colonies, blocks the view and cuts your hands with its leaves while you're working. Since her first book "Nadirs", which was heavily censored in Romania and only published uncensored in Germany in , the circle has developed four concentric rings. But they all revolve around dictatorship and Romania. To explain the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu is to open the doors onto a horror cabinet of misanthropy. Since those in power were bent on blanket dispossession , people's views included, she rebelled: in the lyceum in Temeswar, at university, in each of her books.

Betrayal of friendship is the very peak of the praxis of humiliation. What else can we do, the author asks, if don't reveal what's inside. We grab hold of them, and even when they're so tiny that we can close our fingers around them, they are bigger than us. One sentence can contain the inventory of an entire lifetime. Or "staying to go".

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Herta's sentences are ruthless, merciless and brutal. They are written in a crystal clear language that functions according to ascetic rules: measure, take the measurements, and compare the proportions with precision.

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When she was younger she wanted to be a dressmaker or a hairdresser. Both professions involve measuring and cutting. Today she takes her scissors to texts. When she left the country in it was not jumping on a plane and going from A to B. Exile meant fleeing the country irrevocably. Just abroad. A foreigner abroad.

The fictional characters in her novels sit squarely on the ground of terrifyingly real events , her visual style of writing owes much to the Banatian dialect, the language of her parents, and the Romanian language, which was spoken by her friends in school, rather than any literary education.

Herta Müller

There were no books in her parents' house except "Deutsche Lebensschule" and prayer books. And these books were not read so much as used to swat flies. There is no word for "loneliness" in the Banatian dialect. She was " alone ". Alone is more inexorable than lonely.

Traveling on One Leg by Herta Müller

Language forms emotions. She asks the questions, tests the meanings, rejects connections imposed by logic.

Dictators hoodwink us with the words " normal " and " normality ". They know that these words are a necessity for everyone. She makes her readers aware of what words mean, and the cargo of meaning they drag with them. I spent thirty years living in a dictatorship. When I write, it is always at the point where I can no longer deal with myself and that also means the things that surround me. When I can no longer endure my senses.

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    Politics and Aesthetics

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    Herta Muller

    Collage Poems Herta Muller 4. Totalitarianism, Autofiction, Memory 5. Muller's Aesthetics of Experimentation 9. Du kanske gillar. The Testaments Margaret Atwood Inbunden.

    Herta Müller : politics and aesthetics Herta Müller : politics and aesthetics
    Herta Müller : politics and aesthetics Herta Müller : politics and aesthetics
    Herta Müller : politics and aesthetics Herta Müller : politics and aesthetics
    Herta Müller : politics and aesthetics Herta Müller : politics and aesthetics
    Herta Müller : politics and aesthetics Herta Müller : politics and aesthetics

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