Insect Mechanics and Control

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The Great Insect Dying: How to save insects and ourselves

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Animals Bow to Their Mechanical Overlords

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Here the most recent advances in this active area are reviewed. The aim is to provide the background necessary to do research in the area and raise questions that need to be addressed in the future.

This review begins with an overview of the flapping kinematics and aerodynamics of insect flight. It is followed by a summary of the governing equations of insect motion and the simplified theoretical models used for analysis of dynamic stability and control.

Attract Dragonflies to Your Yard for All-Natural Pest Control

Next, the stability properties of hovering flight and forward flight are scrutinized. Then the flight control properties are explored, dealing in turn with flight stabilization control, steady-state control for changing from hovering to forward flight and from one forward-flight speed to another, and control for maneuvers near hovering. Finally, remarks are given on the state of the art of this research field and speculation is made on its outlook in the near future. The arrow represents the direction of the wing motion. From [ ].

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Polar diagram of a fruit-fly Drosophila virilis wing. The angle of attack is given in degrees along the curve. Adapted from [ ].

1) Development of an Inertial-Elastic Forewing Model

Flow visualization of the LEV over a model hawk-moth wing smoke was released from the leading edge. From [ 46 ]. Reference frames and sketch of insect body and wings. Definition of the state variables and sketches of the reference frame. Vorticity plots at the 0.

Left column: results of the left wing; right column: results of the right wing. Files produced by the author s.

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Insect and insect-inspired aerodynamics: unsteadiness, structural mechanics and flight control. Metrics Record views. Contact support.

Insect Mechanics and Control Insect Mechanics and Control
Insect Mechanics and Control Insect Mechanics and Control
Insect Mechanics and Control Insect Mechanics and Control
Insect Mechanics and Control Insect Mechanics and Control
Insect Mechanics and Control Insect Mechanics and Control

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