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Four types of cone cells in this diurnal creature's retina provide excellent daytime color vision. Pictured here is the southern ground-hornbill Bucorvus leadbeateri , a large bird native to Africa, from National Geographic Magazine, February This is the eye of the mossy leaf-tailed gecko Uroplatus sikorae , an insect-eating lizard found only in Madagascar, from National Geographic Magazine, February The company is working on some new projects in the app world — there have been 45 Little Critter apps to date, 39 published by Oceanhouse Media — as well as some licensed product ideas, both of which are likely to come to fruition before the entertainment debuts.

The company has retained Stuart Snyder, a noted entertainment industry veteran, to identify and evaluate business opportunities.

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Parts of this site are only available to paying PW subscribers. In association with Trends Publications in Beijing and IDG Asia, National Geographic has been authorized for "copyright cooperation" in China to publish the yellow border magazine, which launched with the July issue of the magazine with an event in Beijing on July 10, and another event on December 6, in Beijing also celebrating the 29th anniversary of normalization of U.

The mainland China version is one of the two local-language editions that bump the National Geographic logo off its header in favor of a local-language logo; the other one is the Persian version published under the name Gita Nama. Worldwide editions are sold on newsstands in addition to regular subscriptions. In several countries, such as Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Turkey and Ukraine National Geographic paved the way for a subscription model in addition to traditional newsstand sales.

On May 1, , National Geographic won three National Magazine Awards —an award solely for its written content—in the reporting category for an article by Peter Hessler on the Chinese economy ; an award in the photojournalism category for work by John Stanmeyer on malaria in the Third World ; and a prestigious award for general excellence.

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Between and the magazine has won a total of 24 National Magazine Awards. In April , National Geographic received the National Magazine Award "Ellie" for best tablet edition for its multimedia presentation of Robert Draper's story "The Last Chase," about the final days of a tornado researcher who was killed in the line of duty. On the magazine's February cover, the pyramids of Giza were altered, resulting in the first major scandal of the digital photography age and contributing to photography's "waning credibility".

The cover of the October issue featured a photo of a large ivory male portrait whose authenticity, particularly the alleged Ice Age provenance, has been questioned.

In , the magazine was embroiled in the Archaeoraptor scandal, in which it purported to have a fossil linking birds to dinosaurs. The fossil was a forgery. In , the magazine's Your Shot competition was awarded to William Lascelles for photography featuring a dog with fighter jets over its shoulder. The picture turned out to be a fraud. In March , the editor of National Geographic, Susan Goldberg said that historically the magazine's coverage of people around the world had been racist. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For other uses, see National Geographic disambiguation. Science, geography, history, and world culture magazine. National Geographic.

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National Geographic (February 2016) National Geographic (February 2016)
National Geographic (February 2016) National Geographic (February 2016)
National Geographic (February 2016) National Geographic (February 2016)
National Geographic (February 2016) National Geographic (February 2016)
National Geographic (February 2016) National Geographic (February 2016)
National Geographic (February 2016) National Geographic (February 2016)
National Geographic (February 2016) National Geographic (February 2016)
National Geographic (February 2016) National Geographic (February 2016)

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