Pacioli’s Classic Roman Alphabet

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Around 1, B. With everyone literally speaking the same language, it was much easier to avoid being cheated by opportunistic or unscrupulous foreign traders. The Phoenician alphabet and language was so successful, in fact, that it became the foundation of many alphabets throughout the ancient Mediterranean, including the Roman alphabet that, in turn, gave rise to both Romance alphabets and the modern English alphabet.

By the 4th century BCE, it was common knowledge that somebody had to keep track of all the goods, gold, and other resources moving in and out of the storehouses.

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During his long life, Augustus likely used the accounting records kept by imperial accountants to make informed decisions about everything from which wars to wage to tax reform. Bartering was the name of the exchange game for the common folk during the long centuries after the fall of the Roman Empire in the West and the rise of the merchant class.

But in the 13th century AD, Europe began its revolutionary shift to a coin-heavy, currency-driven economic paradigm. Creating two entries for each transaction laid the framework for double-entry bookkeeping, and the foundation for our modern accounting systems.

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In , having spent years observing the business and accounting practices of merchants throughout Italy, an Italian mathematician and Franciscan friar named Fra Luca Pacioli wrote a landmark treatise on the double-entry accounting system. Pacioli, a friend of and collaborator with Leonardo da Vinci, worked as a maths professor and wrote Summa over the course of many years.

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But when the Industrial Revolution began, and business became a focus of not just commercial but social enterprise, accounting principles and practices expanded. Double entry accounting was refined with a focus on maximizing efficiency and accountability while minimizing expense in support of newly-minted corporate bodies.

Pacioli's Classic Roman Alphabet

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Pacioli’s Classic Roman Alphabet Pacioli’s Classic Roman Alphabet
Pacioli’s Classic Roman Alphabet Pacioli’s Classic Roman Alphabet
Pacioli’s Classic Roman Alphabet Pacioli’s Classic Roman Alphabet
Pacioli’s Classic Roman Alphabet Pacioli’s Classic Roman Alphabet
Pacioli’s Classic Roman Alphabet Pacioli’s Classic Roman Alphabet
Pacioli’s Classic Roman Alphabet Pacioli’s Classic Roman Alphabet
Pacioli’s Classic Roman Alphabet Pacioli’s Classic Roman Alphabet

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