Resolution of Singularities

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Online Price 1: Print Price 1 Label: List. Print Price 1: Online Price 2: Print Price 2: Online Price 3: Print Price 3: So this is the cuspidal cubic, which is singular.

Now, to normalize this, we look at all the elements of satisfying monic polynomials with coefficients in. So for instance, the element is in there because it satisfies. So then the normalization must contain , which is normal already. So the normalization of the cuspidal cubic is a map given by the inclusion map.

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Proof of Resolution of Singularities in Characteristic p? | Not Even Wrong

His result is the following: Theorem : Let be a field of characteristic zero such as and let be a variety over. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading He works on the geometry of the moduli space of curves. This entry was posted in Algebraic Geometry. Bookmark the permalink. July 4, at pm. Charles says:. July 5, at pm.

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Resolution of Singularities

Ein Illinois , C. Futaki Tokyo Inst. Greenleaf Rochester , E.

Hunsicker Lawrence , J. Hurtubise McGill , N. Kamran McGill , R. Lazarsfeld Michigan , B.

Mabuchi Osaka , R. Mazzeo Stanford , J. McNeal Ohio State , M. Mustata Nice , T. Ohsawa Nagoya , W.

Resolution of Singularities Resolution of Singularities
Resolution of Singularities Resolution of Singularities
Resolution of Singularities Resolution of Singularities
Resolution of Singularities Resolution of Singularities
Resolution of Singularities Resolution of Singularities
Resolution of Singularities Resolution of Singularities

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