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Book 2 - Challenge and Ownership

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Mitty harvested tens of thousands of clams, sometimes clearing eight or nine hundred dollars for a single night's load. He used the money to buy twin Mercury engines that he bolted on the stern of a bigger skiff that didn't leak as much, all the better to stay one step ahead of the cops. At twenty-three, Mitty stood just four-eleven. He weighed close to , and had the appearance of a small ape. His hair was thick and stiff, and his beard grew in dark wisps off the sides of his face. Up close, it looked like he glued tiny bales of hay to his cheeks. Mitty's arms were powerful and long, hanging halfway to his knees.

Privately, the men in the bars of Pawtuxet Village and Oakland Beach called him the troll. But none ever picked a fight.

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It would be suicide, all agreed, to mess with Mitty Navel. He could feel the ebb tide pulling the skiff along, and when he passed a buoy that marked the entry to Pawtuxet Cove, he pulled the oars in and fired up the engines. He pushed them just past idle, navigating by feel, by instinct as he headed north. Mitty didn't hate the DEM police who made his work more difficult.

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They were part of the challenge, what made quahogging an interesting line of work. But Mitty had no use for divers. He hated them all, with their fancy rubber suits and plastic boats and tanks and red flags. Divers screwed up the clam beds, aggravated the quahogs that fetched ten dollars a bushel, and the little cherrystones that sold for forty or fifty. Once, Mitty cut the line on a diver's flag buoy, then watched for an hour as two ski boats cut back and forth, scaring the poor diver half to death, making him afraid to come to the surface for fear of being hit or, worse, cut in two.

Mitty thought it was funny when the bastard nearly drowned. Another time he deliberately drove his skiff over the anchor chain on a diver's boat, so the guy had to chase the drifting craft or swim a mile to shore with a tank and a weight belt. But that was just for fun.

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This trip was business. The diver in question was mucking about in Mitty's personal clam bed, and it was time to pay. There was no one else on the water at this hour, though Mitty could now see the winking lights from the shipping terminals up in Providence. There was no sign of other quahoggers on the water.

His boat hummed along nicely, not too loud, cutting a slender, phosphorescent wake in the darkness. After five or six minutes he cut the engine and listened to the motor die quickly. Then he grabbed his oars again and heaved away. He was getting close now, and after a few more minutes he began looking over his shoulder. There, perhaps fifty yards away, a white Boston Whaler emerged from the blackness. There was no dive flag, but fancy boats like this were rarely left anchored and unattended. Besides, Mitty had watched the boat for two nights now, silently cursing as he watched the diver roll over the side and down into his precious quahogs.

In a moment he was alongside. He shipped his oars and peered into the boat. He could barely make out a life preserver and a couple of buckets near the bow. Like Comment Share. Contents Bjj legend john will revealed on the mick tully show 5 bjj answers secrets john will bjj Personal life Notable students References 5 bjj answers secrets john will bjj.

John Willan. John Willard. Ronald Powell. Notification Sent. Editing Mode. The ship is slightly smaller than the Lunatic Pandora, it has sacrificed armour and cargo space for speed and has forward facing weapons, it is obviously an attack vessel.

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Enginseer Pak tells Admiral Black that he thinks the ship could be adapted to their needs should he so wish, at this point the Admiral suddenly remembers that they still have a problem on the Venerus to deal with. On the bridge, the captain is dead, pierced through the chest by a fallen roof beam; Admiral Black orders navigation to maneuvre the ship towards the Venerus. Psk establishes a remote link to the Venerus and begins transmitting the information on the renegade ship across. On the Venerus York Benetec is in his sensorium when he becomes aware of a bright flare of psychic activity nearby; if the souls of normal people are flickering candles in the dark, the new activity is like a firework or brief explosion of psychic energy that flares up then dissipates; as the soundproof doors of his chamber opens he hears a female voice screaming in high-pitched agony from a few corridors away, York moves towards the sound.

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  6. To his warp-born perception he can see a flickering green light shining from the corridor, in it lies Dana convulsing, green light shining from her nose, eyes and mouth. The Navigator unveils his warp eye, using the force of his formidable will to hold Dana in place, but he can feel a will acting against his own, trying to undo what he has wrought.

    Benetec attempts to pull the demonic energy from Dana and nullify it with his own Navigator training, surprisingly the woman fades away leaving York stood on his own in the corridor and the resistance to his will ceases, to his psychic senses it appears as low some sort of log hanging psychic fog occupies the corridors of the ship. Tullius lays his gambling and falling out of favour at the feet of a philosophy of life being entirely random, he blames the original experience in his youth with the Gloomhaunt; he then shows Cornelius a data-slate containing the camera footage from the corridor where the encounter occurred, it backs up the version of the story portrayed by his men.

    Apothecarians ask the Confessor to leave, saying that they need to sedate Tullius who insisted on speaking to the Confessor before he allowed them to operate. On the primitive ship, Admiral Black asks who is next in line for command, Jurgen tells him there would be a challenge to decide who would lead now Erling is dead; the greatest amongst them would become the new captain. The challenges would be overseen by the Sjomann, she is seen as a neutral party; since they have defeated the clan ship both Pak and Admiral Black have a right to enter the challenge, only the new captain can authorise complete surrender.

    A white haired woman with strange swirling tattoos and a bandana with an eye emblem on her forehead greets them as they arrive at the chamber, she introduces herself as Sjomann Amelie.

    Amelie listens to Jurgens explanation and agrees that a challenge must be held, she sits on a chair at the head of the chamber that has wires running from it; Pak recognises the device as a primitive form of the equipment that they use to help York Benetec interface with the Venerus. Jurgen, engineer for eight years, steps forward and Pak challenges him for command of the ship on behalf of Admiral Black.

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    8. Jurgen continues to try and fight with his fists, winding the Enginseer but getting close enough for the half-mechanical Enginseer to grapple him. His face darkens with an unaccustomed look of rage and he crushes the life out of the burly engineer, finally snapping his neck with a brutal metallic headbutt and dropping the limp body to the floor.

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      Over the course of the next hour Pak sees off a number of challengers, narrowly scraping through to victory and is pronounced Captain of the ship by the Sjomann Amelie Klok; lost in the depths of his rage the Enginseer has slain at least five of his opponents, although oddly the crew seem to respect this more. Cornelius contacts York Benetec and explains that he believes that is some sort of warp-entity onboard the ship and hopes that the Navigator can help deal with it; he believes that it is showing people things they fear.

      Cornelius suggests informing Lady Decusis-Black but Benetec dismisses the idea. The two of them visit engineering where they talk to acting Enginseer Doric Cattilo; they find out that there have been no strange incidents occurring in the engineering system. Confessor Cornelius has his priests begin clearing the cathedral and preparing to conduct a ship-wide blessing.

      ROGUE BLACK BELT: fear & the engine ROGUE BLACK BELT: fear & the engine
      ROGUE BLACK BELT: fear & the engine ROGUE BLACK BELT: fear & the engine
      ROGUE BLACK BELT: fear & the engine ROGUE BLACK BELT: fear & the engine
      ROGUE BLACK BELT: fear & the engine ROGUE BLACK BELT: fear & the engine
      ROGUE BLACK BELT: fear & the engine ROGUE BLACK BELT: fear & the engine

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