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And some have tried to prove this postulate by taking issue with the Sartrean vocabulary. The aim of the Critique is to found dialectical materialism as a method and to define the sector of being to which it is applicable.

Starting with Sartre

It is not as such an attempt to apply it practically in a specific field of inquiry. Put another way, the structures, notions and categories which are brought into play in the Critique are not yet operational , but pertain to the critique of a method which has been applied empirically by Marxists with success, without becoming conscious of itself and its own possibilities.

The attempt to found dialectical materialism is indubitably related in all sorts of ways to the work of the later Husserl. Scientific praxis, by failing to question its own status, and by claiming to put lived experience in parentheses, has become opaque to its own practitioners.

PNTV: Existentialism Is a Humanism by Jean-Paul Sartre

Man absents himself from the science he produces and it sheds no light on him. The sciences which study man take him for their object, ignoring the fact that the object is itself the subject as a man of science inquiring into it.

Philosophy, the Sartre blend: uncovering the birth of existentialism

They thereby prevent themselves from ever giving an account of their own potentialities. Finally, just as the man of science cannot understand himself from the point of view of the sciences which study man, so Marxism has been unable to explain Marxists.

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In other words, Marxists become unable to explain themselves. Do not science and the scientific method today resemble a precision machine—a machine which is obviously rendering useful service, and which anyone can learn to manipulate correctly, without having the least idea of its basis and necessity?

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His enduring influence in philosophy and literature is immense and his contributions to theories of human freedom and responsibility, creative agency, existence, bad faith and good faith, human possibility, anguish and authenticity, the 'self', morality, and the problems of evil and injustice fascinate students, scholars and general readers alike. Starting with Sartre provides an accessible introduction to the life and work of this hugely significant thinker.

Clearly structured according to Sartre's central ideas, the book leads the reader through a thorough overview of the development of his thought, resulting in a more thorough understanding of the roots of his philosophical concerns. Crucially it also introduces the major philosophical thinkers whose work proved influential in the development of his thought, including Plato, Descartes, Kant, Hegel, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Husserl and Freud.

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  • This is the ideal introduction for anyone coming to the work of this challenging thinker for the first time. Continuum's Starting with The books explore and illuminate the roots of each philosopher's work and ideas, leading readers to a thorough understanding of the key influences and philosophical foundations from which his or her thought developed.

    Ideal for first-year students starting out in philosophy, the series will serve as the ideal companion to study of this fascinating subject.

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    • Linsenbard's discussion amply demonstrates the contemporary relevance of Sartre's ideas, and shows that they have lost none of their power to challenge, infuriate, and inspire. You can unsubscribe from newsletters at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in any newsletter.

      Starting with Sartre Starting with Sartre
      Starting with Sartre Starting with Sartre
      Starting with Sartre Starting with Sartre
      Starting with Sartre Starting with Sartre
      Starting with Sartre Starting with Sartre
      Starting with Sartre Starting with Sartre

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