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Even engineers who stood up to him, if they had a basis for standing up, Steve showed them respect.

Steve Jobs: His impact on our culture

I think Apple goes out of its way to try to enhance his reputation and safeguard the "great" Steve Jobs. Steve was not a nice "people person".

Apple iPhone XS

I meet a lot of CEOs who are, and they don't have these kind of reputations and stories about their background. Think about this: What would Steve Jobs' legacy be had he been nice to everyone and still have sold great products, which is totally possible?

Steve Jobs - latest news, breaking stories and comment - The Independent

But his personality settled in around aged 18 to 23 and it stayed for life. It really almost never changed. So, his way of acting that way and not caring what other people thought about him - which lets you be nastier than you would have been otherwise - that was right there at the start of Apple. All of a sudden we had a bunch of money, Steve saw the chance to have power - which he always wanted in his life - and he ensured he was always involved in the power even though he hadn't really ever created the product or had a [prior] executive job to qualify him for the title.

That was when his personality changed from being the nice prank-playing joking person that we'd go to concerts with, to all of a sudden everything had to be super-serious and super-business and you couldn't fall behind anyone else.

I saw that change, I was there during those days, and from then on Steve wasn't the person he'd been before we had started Apple. But I would point this out: he ended up with a wife and a family and a home.

No matter what Apple does, Steve will be ‘rolling in his grave’ (according to media)

He spent a lot of time there and had good relationships with his family. So, he did manage to have a side of his life that kind of didn't matter so much [to him] when he was younger and starting to get rich.

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Day two of the party's conference will see a focus on "rebuilding" public services. Media playback is unsupported on your device.

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Bill Gates says Steve Jobs ‘cast spells on people’ but he saw through it

Steve Jobs film. Steve Wozniak. Top Stories Labour pledges to scrap education watchdog Ofsted Day two of the party's conference will see a focus on "rebuilding" public services. Elsewhere on the BBC. This isn't the first time a photo has sparked talk of the legendary entrepreneur being alive and well. Similar theories appeared in when another photo posted to Reddit showed a man in Rio de Janeiro who bore a striking resemblance to Jobs.

The Apple founder stepped away from the company and when he returned in it was nearing bankruptcy. Skip to main content. Tuesday, 27 August Comment now.

Steve Jobs 'double' in Egypt sparks online theories

Related Stories. A photo that purportedly shows a doppelganger in Egypt who looks shockingly similar to Steve Jobs has some people on Reddit theorizing that Jobs is alive and faked his own death.

Although the unidentified man in the Reddit picture does look a lot like Steve Jobs, he is not Steve Jobs. Jobs was said to regret attempting alternative medicine over traditional cancer treatments. Steve Jobs was years-old when he died , so today he would be in his mid 60s had he lived. He had a rare form of the cancer — neuroendocrine cancer — so he lived eight years after diagnosis, which is longer than most people who have pancreatic cancer, according to Scientific American. Steve Jobs. Others had different theories from Jobs being alive.

Steve Jobs (People in the News) Steve Jobs (People in the News)
Steve Jobs (People in the News) Steve Jobs (People in the News)
Steve Jobs (People in the News) Steve Jobs (People in the News)
Steve Jobs (People in the News) Steve Jobs (People in the News)
Steve Jobs (People in the News) Steve Jobs (People in the News)

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