The Enchanted Faerie

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The Enchanted Fairy & Elf Festival

Follow Us Facebook Twitter. Skip To Main Content. Enchanted Fairy Forest. Type: Children's Activity Event. Call direct on: Tel About Magical fun for all the family at the Enchanted Fairy Forest. Opening Times Sorry, this event has passed.

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The Enchanted Faerie Anthology

It's up there with "Mickey's Inferno" as one of stranges Italian stories I've seen. Part of me wish comics for kids today took a deep into darker stuff more often IN FACT : This story was so darn cool, It free me from a curse that was cast on me by an evil imp and now that I'm free from my terrible fate I'll shall reward you GeoX with five new faries inside your hearth!

Let them be your guide! Any way some points I want to make : Point 1 : The dream logic of it all actually makes me thing of something like "Alice in Wonderand".

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Point 2 : Hahaha Let's be honest, they shared more on screen chemistry even as friends then she ever did with Prince Ken doll. This is why in my own comic books halflings have female elves as their girfriends!!! But aside from that It's just odd to see him see her as mother, since in the movie he's clearly sexuality attrackted to her his atemps to kiss her are still the best running gag in the movie in my opinion So yhe, odd.

Point 3 : I know there are much, much more wirder things in this stoty but Err..

12222 Dates: September 7

Well, ok Bashfull death by fire is more messtup but what a wonderfull leason to teach the children - "Nobody will stay dead as long you trully love them" in your face "The Lion King"! The ultra-christian part of me likes the fact that Snow White gives credit to God for restoring him Point 4 : The fairy is naked Point 6 : I honestly prefer Evil Queen in her There is something about a villian who's all about her own beauty and vain I find much more disturbing.

Holly smokes, the amount of visual creativity they could go with I'm glad you like it! And yeah, I should've mentioned the nudity--it doesn't strike me so much with the faerie, but the part where the Evil Queen is rocking the "topless Barbie doll" look is definitely not the MOST fortunate choice. I actually got all but the second part of the British print.

But a LOT of content is cut from that version. They did cut a lot.

Including the "Dopey talks" part, I see… Not a wise decision at all, if you ask me. Yeah, it's a pretty thorough butchering. The story's weird enough as it is; it does not benefit from hacking out huge swaths of material and changing plot points willy nilly. Very interesting to see, though! Clever, but So, I just named her after a good sorceress from Carolingian legend.

I think it's fine; you can still get the point well enough from her conversation with the Queen near the end. The part where Bashful faced the dragon certainly was too gruesome for the British editors, as that entire sequence was removed! Instead he was added in a panel later and then "vanished" facing the giant.

Also the part where the witch wants Grumpy's eyes. And we don't actually see the queen gouging out Happy's eyes, for some unfathomable reason.

Enchanted Fairy Trail at Rufford Abbey

I guess the reason she couth my atention more then the naked Queen is the fact she's naked Must be painfull. It's odd how some dwarfs die by something personality-related Sleepy falls a sleep by poppy seed ala the Wizard of Oz, Happy starts crying, Snezee Snezzes and falls to his doom the rest It would be a bit more clever if each one face some personality trade related challange and failed Pretty horrific indeed, but still, the weasels and Judge Doom were the villains.

It's not the same thing as to see the seven dwarfs dying. Hey there, GeoX! I remember that in an old post, you wondered why Don Rosa aside there were so little Barks sequels. I also remember that in another old post, you thought of maybe introducing American audiences to French Disney comics. I have scans of the stuff, would you like me to send them to you? So, I send them to your email? Okay, right now. I'll put "Unicorn Comic" as subject since of course my email address isn't to the name of Achille Talon, it'll allow you to know that it's the right mail.

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    The Enchanted Faerie The Enchanted Faerie
    The Enchanted Faerie The Enchanted Faerie
    The Enchanted Faerie The Enchanted Faerie
    The Enchanted Faerie The Enchanted Faerie
    The Enchanted Faerie The Enchanted Faerie
    The Enchanted Faerie The Enchanted Faerie
    The Enchanted Faerie The Enchanted Faerie

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