The Golden Barbarian

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Look Inside. Mar 01, ISBN May 11, ISBN From the halls of a palatial prison to the hot sands of an endless desert.

Golden Barbarian

Here is a timeless story of love and adventure set among hills of gold, warring tribes, and fabled kingdoms—the story of a fearless princess and a barbarian sheikh. She was a ravishing pawn in a game of politics and passion. Flaunting the oppressive destiny decreed for her by the kingdom of Tamrovia, Princess Theresa Christina Rubinoff struck a sensual bargain with a handsome barbarian chieftain.

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She vowed to play his seductive game, surrendering herself to his will, all the while determined to fight for her independence in a land that considered women only as playthings. He was a desert warrior king, driven by passion and pride. Mysterious as the desert night, rich as Midas, Galen Ben Raschid swept Tess away to his palace in exotic Sedikhan, offering her freedom in exchange for the marriage that would join their kingdoms.

A man surrounded by enemies, he would make her a slave to his passion in order to bind her to his side, little knowing that when he took the captivating princess as his bride, he would lose his heart. She lives near Atlanta, Georgia. Read An Excerpt. Paperback —.

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Tess promptly accepts, but little do both of them know, that such bargains rarely work. Especially if there's the heart involved This was, I think, the first historical romance I've read back in time when I could still find my library card. I'll admit, this book has many faults, slow-moving plot until the last forty-or-so pages, acute lack of romance - blink and you've missed it you really have to read between the lines, squint your eyes, and have a good imagination to spot it!

Tess is quite a character, strong, smart a boon, really , fiercely independent, stubborn to a fault, yet lovable to a fault. Hey, she managed to make a barbarian sheikh fall in love with her! And she kicked some serious barbarian booty in the end, you go girl! Galen is a bit more of a mystery, he certainly isn't drawn as well as Tess is, but that's the charm of these bad boys. Just as you know what makes him tick, he veers left and completely surprises you. I loved his inner turmoil, though. The way he was struggling with keeping the balance between a savage barbarian that he thought he was and a civilized man as civilized as it got in a desert country ravaged by war and disputes between clans.

The love was there, even more for him than for Tess, if you ask me. Maybe because the author showed more his adversity toward the end of their "agreement" than Tess' - the man went caveman whenever she mentioned leaving, for crying out loud. And despite the fact he needed a woman "frequently", he didn't want anyone but his wife. If that ain't love, I don't know what is. What was really the best part of this book was the seduction.

Despite the title and the "inner Galen", this was seduction plain and simple. And he was not only seducing Tess, he was seducing the reader as well. The heat and intensity slowly and leisurely rises and the tension is so thick you can chew on it, until you want to grit your teeth and shake the two idiots to just get it over with But let me tell you, they certainly don't need you to tell them that.

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Yeah, it wasn't perfect, but it is definitely a keeper. View all 3 comments.

This is the first in Johansen's Sedikhan series and it's a good one. If you like strong, resourceful heroines, handsome desert Sheikhs and stories set in exotic places, you'll love this one. As with all Johansen's historical romances I've read, she takes pains to weave a complex tale with wonderful characters and believable sexual tension. Tess Rubinoff, Princess of Tamrovia somewhere in the Balkans first meets Galen Ben Raschid Sheikh of Zalandan think desert sands when she is 12 and he pulls her and her dog out of quicksand.

Even then, he has designs on her as he wants to link their two countries in order to gain sufficient power to unify the desert tribes of Sedikhan.

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Since she is only 12, he will wait; he is a patient man. She spends the next 6 years in a convent at her cousin's suggestion prompted by Galen to protect her from an abusive father. When her father rejects Galen's suit, Galen arranges to steal Tess away by making her a proposition she cannot refuse--and she doesn't.

Once in Sedikhan, the adventure begins. The couple meets when the h is merely 12 and the H saves her and her dog from drowning. She then gives him her pets to save them, and time moves on.. Many years later, while she's returning from her convent, she is approached by Galen- who wants to marry her to unite her kingdom Tamrovia with the Sedikhan- something her father opposes to.

She agrees, in exchange of contract marriage and freedom.

The Golden Barbarian

But love and fate have other plans.. Absolutely wonderful read. The hero is described as a barbarian, but is actually a kind and tortured leader who wants the best for his kingdom. He is alpha and possessive, but not mean or hurtful.

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The h herself is kind, understanding and brave, and passions soar high when fire meets fire. Well written in terms of describing the landscape and customs of people in the era. Loads of evil men try to invade their happiness and kingdom, but the couple fights them together. A wonderful start to this series! Safe with minor exceptions view spoiler [ the couple meets when she is 12 and he an adult.

First night she finds him with two ow and then he leaves. Jun 16, Lover of Romance rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites-shelf , regency , genre-historical-romance , character-sheikh. This timeless love story starts out with the willful and independent Princess Theresa Christina Rubinoff has been in a convent for quite some time now. When her cousin Sacha gets her out, she is relieved to say the least. However she doesn't want to have to go back to court and face her father once again.

Tess and her father have always rubbed the wrong way to say the least, since Tess is a free spirit, her father has always been a bit harsh with her. However when Galen Ben Raschid convinces Tes This timeless love story starts out with the willful and independent Princess Theresa Christina Rubinoff has been in a convent for quite some time now. However when Galen Ben Raschid convinces Tess to marry him and bear him a son to help him unite with the other tribe leaders, and then she will be free to go anywhere she wants after her three years are up, she agrees.

Having ached for being able to be free to choose her own path in life, much more desirable than the plan her father would have set for her. However, she never realized how much her life would change once being married to a barbarian chieftain whose way of life is very different from what she is accustomed to. But despite all the dangers surrounding them, there is a profound love that will blossom beneath the desert sun. I truly enjoyed reading The Golden Barbarian, and it flew by so quickly, and by the end I was disappointed that the story was over, I was wanting more and more, but a book can only last so long right?

Its been quite some time since I have read anything from Iris Johansen, and after reading this one I am eager for more of her books. I love her historicals, she has such a talent to portray the historic events and scenery surround the story, and it comes alive for the reader.

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Its very exhilirating for me, to read this one, because I felt so enraptured like I was actually in the story and seeing it all come to reality. The characters and the plot are so vividly written it really astounded me about how much I was drawn into it. Jul 21, Jamie rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: everyone!! Theresa and Galen: I haven't read this in about ten years but I just picked it up again and reread it and I remember everything I love about it. If it still holds true 10 years later it is a must read!!!

This sweet couple meet while she is a child and a plan forms for Galen.

The Golden Barbarian The Golden Barbarian
The Golden Barbarian The Golden Barbarian
The Golden Barbarian The Golden Barbarian
The Golden Barbarian The Golden Barbarian
The Golden Barbarian The Golden Barbarian

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