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Europe Tours Travel to Europe and explore one of the regional sources of Jewish life. Eastern Europe Tours Explore the lands of Jewish creativity and discover the former Jewish communities, now part of the new Eastern Europe. Mediterranean Tours Learn about places where Jews once thrived and were a prominent part of the local culture. South America Tours Magnificent vistas and breathtaking natural creations await you on the southernmost continent of the Americas. Israel Tours. Israel Tours Signature Private Journeys. Central Europe Tours.

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India Tours. Turkey Tours. Greece Tours. This family-owned company is based in Israel and has a wide selection of escorted tours throughout the Holy Land. Hotels, dining and transportation options are accounted for as your group travels to the ancient red sandstone city of Petra , the port city of Eilat and the wineries of Golan Heights. Offering Jewish heritage trips in Warsaw , Budapest , Israel and beyond, this tour organization supplies each travel group with a qualified tour guide.

Guiding your walks through the Jewish high streets in Poland and the ancient cities of Judea, these friendly educators are well-versed in the local language and Jewish history of the area, giving you a truly immersive experience. Keeping kosher may be a challenge during travel depending on what your group observes. Airports and local restaurants may not prepare food appropriately, and rural areas have limited cuisine options. Before your trip, research grocery store chains or markets that can provide proper food and preparation for a large party.

Orthodox grocery stores such as Osher Ad in Israel and Rockland in the United States stock approved products, but groups visiting Asia and South America will find fewer options. Luckily, several producers have recognized this market and have created portable meals and snacks that follow kosher guidelines.

Western Wall in Jerusalem. Rossio Square in Lisbon. Augsburg Art Noveau Synagogue. Jewish Heritage Tours to Poland.

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We did not know that there are so many Jewish sites in Prague. We had a plan to visit the old Jewish Cemetery when in Prague which we could not as it was a Jewish national holiday. The stacked up tombstones are particularly intriguing. I have missed all the Jewish sites when I visited Prague, many years ago. The Jerusalem Synagogue is so colourful and beautiful. I love visiting places of worship. I like the idea of a 7 day pass to break up the visits.

I have never eaten jewish food and would love to! So colorful and still proudly standing.. This is such a beautiful post, not just because of the pictures which are really good but because you have explored a city which is an important part of world history. I can imagine it must have been heartbreaking for you to visit the concentration camp. Stories of such places need to be told more. I loved the colorful architecture of Jerusalem Synagogue and looks like there are so many interesting Jewish sites to explore in Prague!


Jerusalem Synagogue seems to be very interesting due to its beautiful architecture. It must have been very emotional visiting Terezin. I know it would have been for me at least. I like that you blogged about this particular experience, as I rarely see posts like this. Also — I love colorful architecture, so that photo of the Jubilee Synagogue is so beautiful to me.

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Thank you so much! I think it is important to share about jewish history as it is a good way to spread knowledge so history does not repeat itself. Your email address will not be published. Join our newsletter! Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Old Jewish Cemetery The Old Jewish Cemetery of Prague is an extraordinary view into the Jewish community having to historically live in a confined ghetto. Spanish Synagogue The Spanish Synagogue is the newest, built in in a moorish style for the Reform congregation.

The Jewish Travel Guide, Betsy Sheldon, Hunter Publishing, £10.95

Premium WordPress Themes Download. Download WordPress Themes. Related Posts. Comments This post brings me so many memories, my first day to aprague was devoted to ajewish Prague and the Pinkas Synagogje left a very deep impression on me, mostly after I found the last name of my grandma on the wall… I will never foget that trip. We visited all these sites as well, although we never made it inside Jerusalem Synagogue.

The Jewish Travel Guide The Jewish Travel Guide
The Jewish Travel Guide The Jewish Travel Guide
The Jewish Travel Guide The Jewish Travel Guide
The Jewish Travel Guide The Jewish Travel Guide
The Jewish Travel Guide The Jewish Travel Guide
The Jewish Travel Guide The Jewish Travel Guide
The Jewish Travel Guide The Jewish Travel Guide

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