You Disappear: A Novel

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Sarah and Quinn each have their own problems, and I love how their stories are so very different, yet forever intertwined because of the secrets they share about their past.

You Disappear

I have been sharing this book all over social media because I truly thought it was magical. It was absolutely captivating. Three Ways to Disappear is truly a gem of a novel, and an impressive debut by Katy Yocom. Katy can be found on her website and on Instagram. Purchase Three Ways to Disappear now on Amazon. July 25, July 24, Share this: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email. Like this: Like Loading Book Review: Lock Every Door. Show some love with a comment! The Web address you entered is not a functioning page on our site.

Books a Million, perhaps? In fact, How We Decide seems to be his only linked book.

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While Proust was a Neuroscientist is still on the HMH site independently, it is not linked to his profile. Mistake—or is there something we should know about in that one, too?


Lehrer's author site on Amazon still does not link to any of the marketplace vendors. I can understand pulling a book whose contents have been questioned—after all, false information has a way of sticking in your brain and seeming true when you go to retrieve it years later. Book recalls are certainly nothing new, and they affect all manners of writing, from fiction that may be just a bit too fictional in the wrong way read: plagiarism , to memoir that may not be quite as memorial as it was made out to be, to purportedly non-fictional works like Lehrer's Imagine.

That October, St. Martin's Press withdrew J. Hatfield's biography of George W. Bush, after information surfaced that the author was a convicted felon.

Three Ways to Disappear: A Novel by Katy Yocom

More recent examples abound. Markham, was found instead to be an assassin of other people's work—and all 6, copies were recalled by Little, Brown. And just this summer, David Barton's The Jefferson Lies was recalled by publisher Thomas Nelson—apparently, it contained one too many lies itself.

The list is long, the offenses, many, and Imagine , just one more example to add to the growing pile. The recall itself is not the problem. The more pressing question is: What is the best way to retract a book in an age that is increasingly digital, where asking retailers to send back copies touches but a tip of the reading iceberg in , e-book sales surpassed print on Amazon for the first time; this year, the sales on Amazon's UK site followed suit?

When Orwell pulled a Kindle disappearing act, David Pogue called Amazon's actions, "ugly for all kinds of reasons.

Watch Me Disappear by Janelle Brown - Book Trailer

It is worrisome that the book has virtually disappeared from the most prominent online retailers—and the publisher itself. A simple note saying that sales have been halted pending further verification, or something to that effect, would have been a much more honest, transparent solution. When contacted for comment on the specifics of the decision, Amazon stated simply that, "At Houghton Mifflin Harcourt's request, we halted sales of 'Imagine' in all formats.

10 Great Vanishings in Literature

HMH did not provide a response, nor did Barnes and Noble. The issue isn't suspending sales of a book so much as how a publisher goes about suspending them. Does the publisher publicly—and prominently—acknowledge the error by leaving everything as it was and just removing the ability for new readers to make a purchase until the book is reissued or otherwise amended, leaving the historical record intact, so to speak?

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Or does the publisher pretend as if a book just never existed? Incidentally, Lehrer is not alone in having his publisher's record scrubbed, in a manner of speaking. A quick spot check showed that there are no traces of Q.

And Fragments is nowhere to be found on Random House's search engine. Readers are increasingly reliant on digital sources for information—and they are increasingly reliant on these sources to be accurate. Of course, it's impossible to wipe out altogether the digital record of a book's existence.

You Disappear: A Novel You Disappear: A Novel
You Disappear: A Novel You Disappear: A Novel
You Disappear: A Novel You Disappear: A Novel
You Disappear: A Novel You Disappear: A Novel
You Disappear: A Novel You Disappear: A Novel
You Disappear: A Novel You Disappear: A Novel
You Disappear: A Novel You Disappear: A Novel
You Disappear: A Novel You Disappear: A Novel

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